Day of the Savage (A Bodie the Stalker Western Book 6) (English Edition) par Neil Hunter

September 20, 2019

Day of the Savage (A Bodie the Stalker Western Book 6) (English Edition) par Neil Hunter est disponible au téléchargement en format PDF et EPUB. Ici, vous pouvez accéder à des millions de livres. Tous les livres disponibles pour lire en ligne et télécharger sans avoir à payer plus.

Titre de livre: Day of the Savage (A Bodie the Stalker Western Book 6) (English Edition)
Auteur: Neil Hunter
Broché: 93 pages
Date de sortie: November 27, 2013
Éditeur: Piccadilly Publishing

Neil Hunter avec Day of the Savage (A Bodie the Stalker Western Book 6) (English Edition)

The brainchild of Amazon Kindle bestselling western writers Mike Stotter and Ben Bridges, PICCADILLY PUBLISHING is dedicated to issuing classic fiction from Yesterday and Today!


The day a Kiowa Indian saved Bodie’s life was one that neither of them would forget. In Long Walker, Bodie found the nearest thing to a partner he’d ever need. They were both hunters, outcasts, loners — and they were both on the trail of a bible-spouting killer called Parson Kane. However, they discovered that even as a team they may have bitten off more than they could chew…

Neil Hunter is a pseudonym of the prolific Lancashire-born writer Michael R. Linaker. As Neil Hunter, Mike wrote two classic western series, BODIE THE STALKER and JASON BRAND. Under the name Richard Wyler he produced four stand-alone westerns, INCIDENT AT BUTLER’S STATION, THE SAVAGE JOURNEY, BRIGHAM’S WAY and TRAVIS. Another western, HIGH KILL, was later published in the SUNDANCE series as BOUNTY KILLER. His western output can also be found under the names ‘Dan Stewart’, ‘John C. Danner’ and ‘Frederick H. Christian’, the latter name employed when he ghost-wrote an additional five titles in Frederick Nolan’s popular FRANK ANGEL series. Mike has written three ‘nasty’ horror novels under his own name, but since the late 1980s has become best-known as one of the most popular contributors to Gold Eagle’s MACK BOLAN series, chronicling the adventures of PHOENIX FORCE, THE EXECUTIONER and STONY MAN, as well as his own action-adventure series, CADE.

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