A Gathering Storm: The sweeping romantic mystery that will keep you gripped! (English Edition) par Rachel Hore

July 17, 2019

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Titre de livre: A Gathering Storm: The sweeping romantic mystery that will keep you gripped! (English Edition)
Auteur: Rachel Hore
Broché: 480 pages
Date de sortie: September 15, 2011
Éditeur: Simon & Schuster UK

Rachel Hore avec A Gathering Storm: The sweeping romantic mystery that will keep you gripped! (English Edition)

From the bestselling author of A Week in Paris, and the Richard & Judy Bookclub pick A Place of Secrets, comes a gripping and moving story of secrets passed through the generations of one family ...

Photographer Lucy Cardwell has recently lost her troubled father, Tom. While sifting through his papers, she finds he'd been researching an uncle she never knew he'd had. Intrigued, she visits her father's childhood home, the once beautiful Carlyon Manor. She meets an old woman named Beatrice who has an extraordinary story to tell.

Growing up in the 1930s, Beatrice plays with the children of Carlyon Manor - especially pretty, blonde Angelina Wincanton, Lucy's grandmother. Then, one summer at the age of fifteen, she falls in love with a young visitor to the town: Rafe Ashton, whom she rescues from a storm-tossed sea.

But the dark clouds of war are gathering, and Beatrice, Rafe, and the Wincantons will all be swept up in the cataclysm of events that follow. Beatrice's story is a powerful tale of courage and betrayal, spanning from Cornwall to London, and Occupied France, in which friendship and love are tested, and the ramifications reach down the generations.

And, as Lucy listens to the tales of the past, she learns a secret that will change everything she has ever known …

~*~*~*Readers love Rachel Hore's A GATHERING STORM~*~*~

'Rachel Hore has done an enchanting job recreating a woman's life in England during WWII' C., Goodreads reviewer

Hore is a gifted storyteller, giving us a fascinating look into World War II England and the behind-the-scenes people who never got the glory they so justly deserved. If you enjoy a good suspenseful mystery injected with tons of historical information this is definitely the book for you!' Reflections of a Book Addict

'It felt as though I lived in the book. I was breathing the book!!!' Gizy, Goodreads reviewer

'This book blew me away!Danielle, Goodreads reviewer

'I read this book in one sitting unable to stop turning pages until the end' Teresa, Goodreads reviewer

Parts of the story that broke my heart and the whole thing kept me grippedIt's Time to Read

'I didn’t want the journey to end. Because I went through so many emotions, such highs and such lows, with this book'  Fleur in Her World

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